Anne Linden

Linden (Jakulewicz)
Anne M. age 52 of Delano. Loving wife, mother and friend to many. Survived by husband Doug; children Kelsey, Matthew, Zachary; siblings Michael (Wanda) Jakulewicz, Stanley Jakulewicz, Monica (Mike) Callen. Mass of Christian Burial was held on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at St. Peter Catholic Church, Delano.

The life and death of Anne Linden
By Kelsey Linden

Anne Marie Linden passed away November 18th at her home in Delano. Surrounded by her were her husband Doug; her children Kelsey, Matthew and Zachary; Matthew’s girlfriend Carly, and Kelsey’s boyfriend, Abe.
It has undeniably been a journey for Anne’s health these past 10 years. In July 2002, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After meeting with multiple doctors, she decided to undergo a natural treatment method by means of a raw vegan diet. She noticed a considerable positive change in her health. Cancer did not scare her anymore. She was in remission for the past 9 years. In Oct 2011, she noticed that the cancer had returned. Still believing firmly in her diet, she recommitted to her plan. Only this time, the cancer spread throughout her body and became too much for her to overcome.
Many who know Anne would likely be surprised to hear to the news of her passing. And that’s exactly how Anne wanted it to be. She never wished for anyone to bear her suffering. Her selfless love touched many till her very last day.
Anne was born to Mary and Stanley Jakulewicz in Chicago, IL. She, her sisters, Alice and Monica, and brothers, Michael and Stanley grew up in Lake Geneva, WI. It was often said that even as a child, Anne much preferred the small town community.
It was evident early on how fond Anne was of animals – most memorably, a wild baby raccoon whom she cared for as her pet. Her love for animals continued to grow through to her adolescent years. By this time, she had developed a deep love for horses. This love carried her to pursue a career as a Horse Trainer and went on to become one of the top ten Arabian Horse Trainers in the country.
Soon after she met Doug. At the time he was renting a few rooms from his house in Plymouth. Anne was one of the renters. Quickly their friendship began to grow and they married in September of 1984.
Still actively training horses, one of the greatest surprises for Anne came when she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child Kelsey. Even though Anne was not necessarily prepared for children, she embraced motherhood quickly.
With a new infant, Doug and Anne were looking for a larger home in a nice small town and eventually settled on a property in Delano where Anne could still maintain her career as a Horse Trainer. Needing assistance with babysitting, Doug invited Anne’s mother Mary and sister Alice to come live at the house. Soon after, Matthew and Zachary came along. It was a full house.
Anne never minded the long hours with training horses, but she did find it very hard to leave the kids with grandma. Although her love for horses was strong, her love for her children became stronger and it was at that time when she decided to let Horse Training go. It was an easier decision than she expected. Family comes first.
Around caring for the children, Anne sought alternative areas for careers. Still following her love with animals, Anne stepped into Showing and Breeding Golden Retrievers. After working so long with horses, Anne uncovered dogs to be quite simple to train. Her greatest joy came from training the dogs at home and watching them perform in the show ring. She produced many champions with both Dogs and Horses.
Not long after, Mary and Alice passed away and Anne discovered she had Cancer. Life quickly became about health. When she chose her raw vegan diet for her method of treatment, she began to further educate herself on nutrition. Gradually, she integrated healthier meals for the family. A common drink for Anne was carrot juice. During her few months on the diet, she noticed how great she felt and all she wanted was to share it with the world. Not everyone was open to a diet that was as radical as hers. She still continued her diet even during remission.
A few years later, Kelsey had graduated high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. There, she stumbled upon a nutrition company called Herbalife, which helped her lose 30 pounds on the company’s nutritional supplements. After seeing Kelsey in person, Anne became interested in Herbalife. Together, mother and daughter worked to spread the word about good nutrition using Herbalife as their nutrition.
Not long after, Anne and her business partner Jane Speckel opened Kickin’ Nutrition in Delano. Anne loved having a place where people could come get a healthy meal in a blended form of a smoothie. The best part of her day was helping someone feel better.
In addition to her love for animals and nutrition, Anne was a woman led by her faith. She enjoyed attending daily mass, praying the rosary, participating in adoration, and also volunteering as a Religious Education teacher. She was also an avid runner. Even though she kept herself busy with her careers, her greatest joy was being a mom.
Anne will be remembered most for her unwavering faith, her bright smile, and her kind, giving heart. Quality of life is not measured based on how long a person lives, but how much love a person gives to others during their time here. Anne is that example to the world. Rest in peace dear sweet Anne.