Reuben W. K. Butz
February 19, 2023

Reuben Wamblee Kitto Butz was born on July 30, 1977. Named sourced from his Dakota heritage (by Grandma Butz), he was born in the city of Covington, Tennessee. Father Richard Joseph Butz and mother Helen Jasmin Espiritu. He spent most of his childhood in San Diego, Chula Vista to be exact (with Grandma and Grandpa Butz living close nearby). He enjoyed sports and was very good at it. He was a phenomenal baseball player. Growing up, he had his younger sister Gracelyn at his side, but eventually gained three additional siblings…Racqual, Magnum, and Nathan. As the highest “sibling rank” out of 5, Reuben was caring, protective, loving, but also so funny, hilarious, and a jokester. He enjoyed spending time with family, going to rap concerts, and specifically loved listening to the Notorious B.I.G and Big Pun. His skill in baseball carried over to Softball as an adult, playing locally every Friday night with cousins and close friends.
Eventually, Reuben made his way to Minnesota, living in Bemidji with Auntie Donna and Grandma Butz. He worked at Nortech, creating long-lasting friendships,” in which he also met his “soon-to-be” wife Tiffany. They became a couple in 2006, and two years later…married in
2008. Tiffany and Reuben share two beautiful children, Jasmin RaeJean Elaine and Raeann Grace…and along-so, Tiffany’s two sons Nathaniel and Nicholas. With countless family on both sides, Reuben was surrounded by a lot of love and support. from home in Minnesota, to home in San Diego. We’re going to miss his kind heart, his specifically infectious laugh, his game nights, his amazing cooking…he was a true “Master of the Grill.” He also loved his mom very much, a true Momma’s boy.
And although not a perfect man, the qualities that define my amazing brother, your funny cousin, your kind nephew, your incredible friend, your loving Dad…forever remain true. Reuben passed away February 19, 2023, going home to God, leaving us all in so much sorrow and grief. But we know His promises have been fulfilled, and one day we will be reconnected with him. But until then, our family will continue to lean into one another as we celebrate and honor his life. We love you Reuben!