One of the most caring, loving things you can do for your family is to involve them in planning your services, so they can celebrate, remember and go along with your wishes.

Making funeral arrangements at the time of loss is extremely difficult for those left behind. When the funeral, and sometimes even payment, have been arranged in advance, most of the decisions have been made, sparing uncertainty and confusion at a time when emotional stress may make decisions more difficult.

Would it be better in your situation to plan ahead, calmly and sensibly, when you are in a normal mental and physical state, when you have full ability to reason, and when you are able to discuss arrangements with your family?

If you decide to pre-pay all or part of your funeral, Iten Funeral Homes places your money into an insurance policy or funeral trust account at a local bank where both earn interest until it is withdrawn to pay for the funeral at the time of death.

You may file vital statistic and preferred funeral information with us by downloading and filling out the provided PDF form on our website and mailing it to Iten Funeral Homes, at 401 Territorial St SW, Watertown Minnesota 55388 or you can call us at (952) 955-2610 or (763) 972-2891 and we will gladly set up a time to meet with you and go over all the necessary information needed.

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