William Daniels

William Russell Daniels (or Bill as everyone besides my brother and I and our children knew him as) died at the age of 64, surrounded by his family, on Thursday October 8th at 8:38 in the morning. Few words can describe the affect dad had on everyone that knew him. On weekends he could be heard farming the fields, fixing the broken down pickup, and using his two hands to build pretty much anything. However, he preferred leading the grand kids on King (the family pony), taking the boat out on Lake Minnetonka, flying his plane (yes, he owned a plane that he bought to earn his pilot’s license at the age of 58), shooting a few…..hundred……rounds off with my brother, or joining me at Target Field for a Twins game. And he loved his wife, my mom, who despite his seldom temper, loved him equally. They could be seen showing their affection towards each other often, and mom’s love for dad, to this day, is unmatched. And that’s dad – loved to work, loved to be with his family, was never satisfied with what average people do with their lives, and he was proud to be that way – anything but average. Dad served his country heroically, doing two tours in the Navy during the Vietnam conflict serving aboard the USS Ranger in aviation electronics. He was proud of his serving, yet very humble about it. Dad – he was many people’s best friend, he was one’s loving partner in life, he was grandfather to 5 children who loved him more than their young minds could ever realize, he was the one man which had the most positive impact on my life, and he will be truly missed. Rest in Peace dad. There was a gathering at Immaculate Conception Church in Watertown, MN on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 from 4-7. Memorial Mass of Christian Burial was held on October 15th, at 11am at the same location, followed by fellowship and lunch in the church basement.